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Chen Lei

Tang Dynasty

Chen Lei was born in Tang Shan, China. He learned dulcimer and violin as a young boy, and he started to play guitar when he was 12 years old under the influence of his elder brother.
As the best heavy metal guitar player, Chen Lei got his fame in the past several years. But he is a person as his music, natural and low profile.
The skill of speed picking, tapping, sweep picking and whammy bar etc, the modern advanced guitar playing techniques of Chen Lei is so good, he could master them by heart and tell audience by music. His music is so pure and fresh, natural and touching people's heart.
His skilled techniques, the powerful playing on stage make him the model of new generation in guitar playing. There could be no idol in guitar playing, but there must be models.
Chen Lei - The fourth guitarist of Band 'Tang Dynasty'.
In the second half of 2000, Chen Lei officially joined famous rock band 'Tang Dynasty'. The band started a new rock life after a short rehearsal and run-in period with him.

2006 – Released solo electric guitar album “Love from Six”
2008 - He released second solo Electric Guitar album “Rivage”. It took him two years to produce this album. All the details were handled personally by Chen Lei himself.
Definitely the audience would be touched after listening; guitar was such an easy game in his hand, natural and skilled. So he is the guitar master in China for sure.
Chen Lei and his band 'Eight Hands' played almost all the key gigs of Guitar China, and have been the guest of honor for Steve Vai, Marty Friedman, Paul Gilbert's concerts in Beijing.