Honor for all Update Time: 2019-04-15 08:28:27     Author: NUX

Spring blooms are everywhere in Beijing now, the 5th session of the 7th Council(enlarged) meeting and 30-year-anniversary ceremony of CMIA was just closed at Beijing Tiantai Hotel.

Mr. Zhang Chonghe (Chairman of China Light Industry Council), Mr. Wang Shicheng (council president of CMIA), leaders and heads of CMIA and leading Chinese manufacturers have attended this meeting. As the pioneer of the Chinese Electronic Musical Instrument manufacture,  Mr. Zhao Zhe,  President of Cherub Technology Co., Ltd and vice council president of CMIA was also invited to attend this event. Mr. Zhang Chonghe delivered a congratulatory message on behalf of the China Light Industry Council. Mr. Wang Shicheng made the work report. Wang reviewed the journey we’ve been through for the past 30 years, explained the unique function of how the music industry has helped in building civilized society and expressed our shared goal:to make music instruments part of people’s daily life and to make music part of people’s daily life.

Cherub Technology was rated as AAA which is the most trustworthy companies of CIMA for its outstanding performance during the past years, and there are 15 other companies including Pearl River Piano also were rated as AAA companies. Besides this, Cherub Technology also successfully entered the list of meritorious service companies(potential),Mr. Zhao Zhe, Mr. Wang Guozheng (president of Shanghai Dunhuang Musical Instrument Co., Ltd) and other 30 companies heads were awarded as “outstanding  Entrepreneur”, this is a recognition we earned for our years-continuous hard working, and it will inspire us to work even harder to cater to consumers’ needs with new products that come with ground breathing features and cutting edge technology .

The conference invited Mr. Zhang Yansheng, the chief researcher of the China International Economic Exchange Center, to report on the “2019 Economic Situation” to the delegates. The conference ended with the evening music part of the 30-year-anniversary ceremony of CMIA.