NUX Cerberus V5.1 Release Notes Update Time: 2019-06-13 14:31:00     Author: NUX

Cerberus Software V5 Focus

Important: You need to update your Cerberus firmware to V5.1 to be able to use the new software V5

Before you update, please write down your preset values manually to get your tones back later. Export/Import preset files between the different versions are not supported
If you haven't checked the NUX Cerberus before we highly recommend you to visit the to learn more about it. All the informations here is about the latest firmware update and the new software.

-NUX Team
Control everything, customize your presets and the way you use the Cerberus
Build your own sound
You can see your selection and control all the parameters with the new pedalboard design user interface
You can see if the OD/DIST and REVERB/DELAY are parallel or serial
You can adjust the Shimmer effect on the software UI, or Reverb section on the Cerberus
LEVEL adjusts the MIX
DECAY adjusts the SHIMMER values

Here is a quick demo for Shimmer effect
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  You can connect the NUX NMP-2 to Cerberus' expression pedal input for additional control.

For more information please visit
You can also Import/Export the IR files from Cerberus in another supported format called "nuxcfg". It's useful to save your IR files to your computer for future use and quick load.