NUX Mini Studio Firmware and Software Editor Release Notes Update Time: 2019-11-13 11:03:00     Author: NUX

NUX Mini Studio Firmware and Software Editor Release Notes
Make sure to use a quality sync/data cable.
We’ve added a few updates to make your NUX MINI Studio(NSS-3) even better. 
With this new firmware, this little monster can now work with not only electric guitars but also basses and acoustic-electric guitars. 
Holding down its footswitch for 2 seconds to change the working mode, you can tell the  mode by looking at the color of its LED indicator: 
Guitar Mode: Red (default mode)
Bass Mode: Orange
Acoustic-electric: Green 
Factory default IR Lists
Guitar Mode:
JZ120, DR12, BS410, A212, TR212, 1960, GB42, U412.
Bass Mode:
AGL DB810, AMP SU810, MKB 410, TRC 410, AMP SU410+Tweeter, Bassguy 410, Eden 410, AMP SU212.
Acoustic-electric Mode:
G HBird EG Magnetic, G J15 EG Magnetic, M D45 EG Magnetic, G HBird Piezo, G J15 Piezo, M D45 Piezo, M HD28 Piezo, T 814 Piezo.
Software Editor UI:

You can also load your IR files into the unit to replace its default ones. Please note that NSS-3 only accept 24bit/44.1kHz wav file @ 1024 points.