Premier Guitar interview with Monk Li Update Time: 2017-07-17 13:29:41     Author: NUX

On the very first day of this Summer NAMM show, Shawn Hammond,Premier Guitar’s  chief content officer visited our Cherub Technology's booth and interviewed with our marketing manager Mr. Monk Li over two of our most important products: Cerberus and Loop Core Deluxe.
The interview began with Monk's brief introduction of Cherub Technology. Then, Monk demonstrated both products generally as Shawn asked a bunch of questions aiming at letting more people get to know more of Cerberus and Loop Core Deluxe.

To sum up below are features for both products:

Main Features of NUX Cerberus:
•Analog Overdrive & Distortion circuit
•True Bypass (OD/Dist. module)
•Buffered Tail Bypass (Modulation, Delay, Reverb)
•Inside routing between Overdrive and Distortion
•Inside routing between Delay and Reverb
•Cabin simulation IR loader
•Full MIDI implementation
•Sixteen effects
•Kill Dry switch
•Ultra low latency (in to out 0.68ms - 2.04ms)
•Editor Software and upgrade (Via USB)
•Stereo output
•Cabin simulated headphone out.

Main Features of NUX Loop Core Deluxe:
•Record and overdub as many layers as you need.
•Up to 8 Hours recording time.
•99 user memories.
•Built-in rhythm tracks with 40 patterns, TAP Tempo
•Optmized drum machine frequency compensation function for 1 x12 guitar amplifier.
•Cab simulation function.
•Buffer function to compensated signal attenuation.
•Change the playback tempo of your recorded phrases without changing the key.
•Switching phrases without latency.
•Extensional pedal (included) for more control.
•Import and backup phrases with PC.
•True-Bypass /Buffer Bypass(Switchable)
•24Bit Loop Pedal with drum machine

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