Press Release: NUX B-2 2.4 Digital Wireless Guitar System Update Time: 2017-11-21 09:58:04     Author: NUX


Shenzhen, China, November 21, 2017– Nux announces new wireless guitar system.

NUX B2 works like a guitar cable but it offers you freedom of playing guitar in easiest way. Setting up the system is about clicking 2 buttons, choose the same channel on transmitter and receiver, and B2 is ready to play.

Nux B2 will deliver your guitar signal to your equipment in a high quality way as the cable does. Following the most recent digital wireless format, B2 operates in 2.4 GHz range, far from any radio or TV interference, and it is more than capable of safely handling your audio signal wirelessly. The transmitter and the receiver feature user-friendly controls, which include a Power On/Off and Channel switch with red/green LED indicators. Setting up the system is just simply clicking 2 buttons, choosing the same channel on transmitter and receiver, then B2 is ready to play!

2.4 gHz signal frequency
32-bit 44.1 kHz audio quality
Less than 5 ms latency, no lag
4 channels, fast pairing
100 feet operation range
Auto-sleep mode
Guitar friendly design, adjustable input plug compatible with recessed or non-recessed guitar bodies.

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