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Strumtune™ by Cherub Technology
SHENZHEN, CHINA — Cherub Technology has entered into the iPhone accessories market with its Strumtune™ multifunction tuner and metronome software. Featuring a host of tuning styles, metronome and a tone generator, the Strumtune calls upon Cherub’s 10 years of experience in tuner and metronome development to make it the most accurate tuner in the Apple® Application market.
 A color LCD brightens up the display and makes the tuning & metronome functions easily visible and extremely easy to tell when the note is in tune. The Strumtune™ features include: extended tuning range from A0 to C8, A4 calibration, flat tuning to 3 semi-tones. Tuning choices are: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, E flat, B flat, F and C instruments, and Drop D, to name just a few.
The metronome app has multiple rhythms and a tempo range of 30 – 250 bps.
Tone generator range: A0 – C8
The GB2i interface allows the user to plug the instrument directly in the iPhone. It also has a THRU jack and mini headphone jack to allow personal listening.
Strumtune™ MSRP: $2.99
GB2i MSRP: US$19.99
Tel: +86 755-2686-9427
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