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DM-4 Digital Drum Kit

NUX DM-4 is designed as a professional electronic drum. It comes with built-in 232 types of French Dream ultra-realistic drum sound, a simple interface and customizable sound library. Featuring velocity-sensitive trigger, you can set parameters on drum pad triggers to ensure the best possible response to play. Along with built-in four types of drum coaches like Practice features including Quick Record/Quick Play, add effects and drum group functions, DM-4 is the best choice whether you are on stage or at home.

• Built-in 232 types of French Dream hyperreal drum modules
• Ultra-realistic touch response.
• 50 sets of drum sets 25 sets by default 25 sets of user settings. Customizable library.
• Easy installation and space-saving, secure stent can prevent crosstalk
• Supported by Jane operating system.
• USB ports, USB memory disk audio players and USB-MIDI
• Built-in Coach feature will help you to improve your drum skill.


1x module
1x 11” snare 1x 9” tom
1x 9” kick 3x 12” cymbal
1x 14” ride
1x stand
Headphones, USB MIDI, SD Card, AUX IN, OUTPUTS
Power Supply
AC Adaptor (DC 9V)