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Z Pedro

Active touring musician, played every important metal festival in Portugal and played also in several countries such as: United States, Brazil, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, etc etc etc

LIVE PERFORMANCES: Already played some of the biggest european / american death metal / grind oriented festivals and toured countries such as: - United States of America: New Your Death Fest III and several club shows during United States of Gore 'Tour 2015 - Germany: PartySan Open Air, Fuck the Commerce (x2), Extremefest, Deathfeast Open Air, Frankfurt Deathfest, Berlin Deathfest 2016 - United Kingdom: Kin Hell Festival, On Her Majesty's Secret Service 'Tour 2014, Grind Declaration of Gore 'Tour 2016 - England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales: Snuff Fest III, Sige of Limerick XXV and several club hows during the Grind Declaration of Gore ' Tour 2016 - Czech Republic: Obscene Extreme (x4), Fekal Party (x2), Licence to Grind' Tour 2013, Winter Decimation 'Tour 2015, Antitrend Fest - Slovakia: Memory Error Fest, Cadaveric Fest and several club shows in Bratislava, Trencin, Banovce Nad Bebravo, Kosice, Kanianka - Netherlands: Neurotic Deathfest 2015, Grind Feast XL 2014 - Italy: Vulgar Fest, Tattoo Death Fest, Purulent Death Fest and several club shows - Finland: Confessions of a Grindcore 'Tour - Brazil: Sangue, Suor e Grind' Tour 2014 (extense 16 shows tour) - France: Loches en Grind '2016 and several club shows - Portugal: SWR Metal Fest, Caos Emergenten and pretty much every club or festival in our country always usually being the main headliner - Switzerland: Carnage Feast - Austria: Rape The Escape 8 - Romania: Rockstadt Extreme Fest Open-Air several shows in countries such as: Spain, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Luxembourg etc etc etc