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Leonardo Esjaita

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BIOGRAPHY: Born in Buenos Aires on June 13, 1972, at age 8 started playing acoustic guitar folk styles developed, almost like a juego.A from age 13 transits the study of electric guitar playing styles such as rock, blues, hard, heavy etc.Formando I bandas.Transitando his first sixteen is when he assumes his musical inclination as a profession and pursuing musical studies in harmony and composition with teachers and schools such as: Technological Institute of Contemporary Music ( . ITMC), National Institute of authorial and training (SADAIC) Ending Conservatory and handle other styles such as: instrumental rock, jazz, fussion, symphonic, melodic, pop etc..
 Transferor professionally develops as doing work in recording studios, live shows, radio and television.
 In 1995 a cross shape "POWER TRIO" which makes several shows and begins to transcend popularly alongside national and international artists. In 1998 he recorded a CD. kennedy with the chorus "the day after" with many known artists. In 2009 Ms. President Cristina Kirchner nation visit the cultural center of Merlo and congratulates Leonardo for his work as a teacher in 2009 lugar.En begins his solo career.
 Leonardo is currently being developed as a teacher and performs live shows and guitar clinics (also called workshop).
 In 2010: is selected theme "Mirage Delta" by the Air Force Argentina, to be used in air festival "Argentina Air Fest 2010" event which attracted 1,000,000 people.
 In June 2010 he released his first CD. called "instrumental rock".
 This CD. can be acquired through magazine "All Guitar and Bass" in "Music without limits" section.
 In 2011: he was elected Wenstone.Y amp endorser is selected finalist "Guitar Power" 2,000 guitarists of all Argentina.Nota in magazine "Metal Effect" # 4.
 In 2012: endorser is selected microphone for guitar "DS pickups", and guitars "SCHECTER".
 The label "dontpaymusic" is chosen for its catalog of artists and their CD reissues. "Instrumental Rock". It is also called by the magazine "Guitar All" to be columnista.Y is distinguished as best guitarist in the band contest "The cavern rock festival 2012" from more than 100 bandas.En 2013: he was summoned for "Moron Rock 2013 event "and is selected endorser string" Martin Blust "Pedals" Cyclar. "It is convened by the magazine" Guitar Zero "as a columnist.
In 2014 he released his 2nd CD. "Vertigo" and is elected endorser barbed "Apick".
 -PATH: a done shows: pubs, theaters, cultural centers, such as radios and television theaters: Municipal de Moreno, Merlo, Padua, Moron, Ramos Mejia, Dryland, showcenter north vinoteca perrier (Mar del Plata), theaters Ateneo and Flores, Pablo Picasso room "walk the square," The cavern Cement Theatre "ift" Bahuen Auditorium (federal capital), Mannys Auditorium Guitar fest Pinamar and others ...., television: back rock (guitar duel ) Music expert (country music) Jam session (tango solo) and others .. all these performances with his band as a power trio solista.Tambien been to support national and international artists: Claudio Marciello, Tren Loco, Logos, Reasons Aware, Clock, saul Blanch, Diego Mizrahi.Carina Alfie, Daniel Telis, Pablo Soler, Marcelo Roascio, Adrian Subotovsky, Richie kotzen, Edguy and Kiko Loureiro.
INFLUENCES: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Greg Howe, jhon Petrucci, Jason Becker, Van Halen, Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Juanjo Dominguez, Luis Salinas, Paco de Lucia, Al DiMeola and others ..
WEB: / leonardoesjaita (Cd download link)
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