Tape Core Deluxe

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Tape Core Deluxe Tape Echo Effects

The Tape Core pedal! It s a tribute for the legendary tape echo with a constrict size Crystal clear, incredible ambient!

Tape Core is a compact stomp box that offers classic tape echo tone. Just like the real tape echo, Tape Core has 3 repro heads provided 7 different combinations of delay sounds. All the natural sound, decay, modulation are created by NUX TS/AC Technology! Tape Core is convenient, professional and inspiring! 


If you want to use Core Editor-TapeCoreDevCtrl, please go to support and download the software.Remember to use DFU to update the firmware(bin), then you could enjoy the Core Editor! All parameter changes made with Tape Core Dev Ctrl will be saved to tape core, that's a really cool way to customize your own identical tone.


7 repro head combination types and Sound on Sound type.
Nominal Input Level
-20 dBu (GUITAR) +3 dBu (Max.)
Input Impedance
1 MΩ
Nominal Out put Level
-20 dBu (GUITAR) +3 dBu (Max.)
Output Impedance
1 kΩ 0Ω (BYPASS)
Residual Noise Level
-93 dBu ( MIN.)
Current Draw
Power Supply
9V Battery, or AC adaptor to the DC 9V , (optional NUX ACD-008A)
122mm (L) x 72mm (W) x 47mm (H)