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UC-2 Mini Port USB Audio Interface

UC-2 Mini Port USB audio interface is ultra high performance device for professional musician,compatible with WINDOWS and MAC computers. It's equipped with two combo jacks of mic and Hi-Z instrument and two line level input,plus four analog output jacks. 192kHz/24bit and ultra low latency driver offer premium performance. With its compact design and stable operation, mini port is the perfect audio interface for musicians's requirement.

  • Compact and convenient USB audio interface
  • Combo jacks with Hi-Z swith for mic and high impedance input
  • Stereo headphones output 192KHz/24bit ultra high resolution
  • Low latency ASIO (Windows) and Core Audio (Mac) drivers MIDI in and out.


Tuning range
30-40 hz, 1 c - 4 g
Is XuanBo accuracy
+ / - 0.25 Hz
Response time
750 milliseconds
Tuning mode
pitch (Hz) pitch pattern, Note/Octave have/Octave model, Absolute Absolute mode, the Difference of different patterns
Storage tank
9 set of drums (each group contains snare / drums, bass drum, alone the breadth, resonance and open drum skin parameters)
Power supply
2 AAA batteries
60 g (not including battery)

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